lunes, 26 de julio de 2010


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Iterative methods Jacobi and Gauss-Seidel

lunes, 19 de julio de 2010

Roots of equiations blog

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Close methods to find root of equations

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Open methods to get roots of equations

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jueves, 6 de mayo de 2010


A model is which that search to generate a representation of something whet is under different circumstances.

Mathematical model: The physical system to be modeled must be expressed in therm of appropriate mathematical equation. This process almost always involves assumption. The assumptions are necessary from a practical standpoint in order to make the problem tractable. For example, every reservoir engineer knows that the concept of relative permeability has limitations, but in the absence of anything else, we have no choice but to use it.

Numerical Model: the equation constituting a mathematical model of the reservoir are almost always too complex to be solved by analytical methods. Aproximations must be made to put the equations in a form that is amenable to solution by digital computers. Such a set of equations form a numerical model.

Computer Model: A computer model program or a set of programs written to solve the equations of numerical model constitutes a computer model of the reservoir.

'take it from, Khaled Aziz - RESERVOIR SIMULATION, and some definitios of internet.'